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Lutron Lighting Dimmer 1 Channel

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The Dimmer control can be used to easily and instantly raise or lower the amount of light.

Brand   : Lutron

Produk : Lutron Lighting Dimmer 1 Channel

Rp2,800,000 Rp1,400,000

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Lutron Lighting Dimmer 1 Channel

Features: Lutron Lighting Dimmer 1 Channel

  • Single and dual dimmer available
  • Auto load-sensing capability
  • Green LEDs indicate light level
  • Lights softly fade to on/off
  • Acoustically quiet operation
  • Available in 3-way models, when the lights are controlled from more than one location
  • Memorizes last light level
  • Full family of products including wiring accessories
  • Replaces a standard switch
  • Double-tap to full on; tap on to favourite level; tap off
  • Full family of products including wiring accessories


  • 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • CE, CCC and UL approved
  • Backbox with a depth of at least 35mm recommended
  • Universal dimmer with leading and trailing edge capability
  • Auto-reset thermal overload protection
  • Auto-reset short-circuit and over-current protection
  • 10-year power-failure memory
  • Precise colour consistency
  • LUTRON Digital Remote Control Dimmer 450 W/WA Multiway With Remote Control
    Lighting Dimmer ini merupakan saklar yang bisa mengatur tingkat keredupan cahaya atau lampu dengan menekan tombol di Remote Control

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