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Lutron GRX TVI


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3500 W (16 Ampere) 300 mA control TL and compact

Brand   : LUTRON

Produk : Lutron GRX TVI


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The GRX-TVI provides 0-10V control and ballast switching capabilities in one enclosure. The GRX-TVI gives GRAFIK Eye 3000 Series Control Units the ability to control any 0-10V ballasts powered by 100V-277V (ballast must provide 0-10V sourcing of current) and provides switching relays that can handle the in-rush current for a circuit of ballasts. The GRX-TVI gives a GRAFIK Eye 3000 Series Control Unit the ability to both dim and switch electronic ballasts, such as Lutron’s Eco-10™ (TVE models).

• 100-277 V~ forward, reverse, and center phase control input capability
• Provides 0—10 V- control and switching capabilities to switch and dim current sourcing fluorescent ballasts and LED drivers.
• Switches and dims current sourcing 0—10 Velectronic dimming ballasts / drivers powered by
100—277 V~. Switches up to 16 A of electronic capacitive ballasts / drivers.
• Switches motors up to 1/2 HP @ 100-120 V~, 1 ½ HP @ 200—277 V~ and 5 A @ 230 V~ CE.
• Up to five Ten Volt Interfaces may be connected to one Control Unit zone. This allows one zone to control up to five 16 A circuits of Electronic Dimming Ballasts / Drivers or five motors (This is not true for C5-BMJ-16A).
• Provides 100—277 V~ power to loads.
• Requires 100—277 V~ power for internal operations.


• Load (output) power: 100-277V. Phase independent of lighting control.
• Control circuit: 40W/VA @ 100-127V or 200-240V, 50/60Hz, same phase as lighting control. Provides power for internal operations.

O-10V Dimming Control
Output rating: 10µA-300mA.
Sinks current only (ballast must source/provide 10V supply).

Zone Capacity
Up to five Ten Volt Interfaces per Control Unit zone.

Key Design Features
• Complies with standard UL 508.
• Provides a Class 2 isolated 0 -10V output signal that conforms to EN60929 and IEC929.
• Accepts a constant-gate drive fluorescent signal (100 -127V or 200 -240V; 50/60Hz).

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